Offer Remote Assistance

The following steps demonstrate how to offer Remote Assistance to a remote user in Windows 10

  1. Use Windows key + R to launch the run dialog.

  2. Type in "msra /expert" and click OK.

  3. Click the link (from bottom of dialog) "Advanced connection option for help desk".

  4. Type in the computer name that you will be connecting to.

  5. Your computer will now try to establish a connection to the remote computer.  The person at the remote computer will see a pop-up request to grant permissions for you to connect to them.  They will need to confirm and allow you to connect.

  6. If successfully connected you should see the remote screen in VIEW ONLY mode.  You will need to send a request for control if you want to control the remote computer.  To do this use the 'Request control' button near the top left hand of your remote assist screen.

  7. The person at the remote end will once again be prompted with a request to allow you to share control of their desktop which they will need to accept.